May’s iAsk questions and responses now available


The first responses to your iAsk questions will be posted to the iAsk page on the week of May 16.

In the meantime, check out this sneak peek at one of the questions and responses.

Q. CAF members have not received a cost of living adjustment for the past few years. What is the current status? Will any future adjustment be backdated?

– Major Michael Barnett, Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class Louis Veilleux, and Captain Tim Wakfer

A. ‘There have been no decisions made on pay raises yet. Economic increases for Canadian Armed Forces members are tied to the outcome of the collective bargaining process. Treasury Board Secretariat officials are working extremely hard to resolve the current impasse. Therefore, the CAF awaits the outcome of these negotiations. Should increases be approved by Treasury Board in 2016, we anticipate, based on past practice, those adjustments would be retroactive for the two previous years. This would mean a decision made in 2016 could be backdated as far as 01 April 2014.’

-Chief Military Personnel, Lieutenant-General Christine Whitecross

Here are the other questions that will be posted this month:
I am finding it difficult to conduct on-line research because the Internet Explorer we use at Defence is no longer supported by some websites. Is there a fix coming?
– Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class Ricky Martin

What is the reasoning behind cancelling the NDI 75 record of service card for former CAF members, and replacing it with the new CFOne card?
– MCpl Dennis Zwicker

Is leadership having discussions about Psychological Health and Safety in workplaces and will the DND General Safety Program be updated to include it?
– Lisa Berting

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