Empowering the Delivery of Modern Training and Education

The Enhanced Development Tool brings with it an upgrade to Saba Publisher 9, and the addition of Modest Tree 3D. Information on the Components and Release plan for DLN 2.0 are available on the DLN Learning Portal at https://lp-pa.forces.gc.ca

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There is something new on the information technology horizon that will have a positive impact all Defence Team members through new and updated training and education applications.

Defence Learning Network (DLN) 2.0, a significant upgrade with over 800 new features, is the cornerstone of Individual Training and Education (IT&E) modernization . modernization and Civilian Learning and Professional Development.

It builds on providing a modern workplace that enables the smart use of new technologies to improve networking, interoperability, access to IT&E information, and customer service.

“DLN 2.0 brings the capabilities that are fueling today’s modern colleges and universities,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Chris Dann, MILPERSGEN acting Director for IT&E Support Directorate, Kingston, Ont. “I am excited to see how these innovations are used to prepare our personnel for the continually changing mission.”

The new unified Learning Management System (LMS) easily delivers rich and varied content through multiple modes, including instructor-led training, virtual classroom, e-learning, learning communities, and mobile learning.

“It’s easy to demonstrate the effectiveness of each program as the LMS has imbedded assessment capabilities, as well as flexible reporting and analytics,” said Bill Railer, Senior Staff Officer Learning Technologies with Military Personnel Generation.

“Other core components are the Learning Portal, which allows learning content to be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any device; the new Enterprise Virtual Classroom, allowing defence team members access from anywhere to hold interactive virtual meetings; the Enhanced Development Tools, allowing training in a 3D environment; and the Analytics Engine, where training establishments and supervisors can now access all data in the LMS to develop reports and obtain performance metrics,” explained Mr. Railer.

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