RMC recaptures prestigious competition

OCdt Olivier Beaulieu, a second-year student at at RMC, tackles the obstacle course wall with team assistance during the Sandhurst Competition.


Sixty teams competed, 11 obstacles tackled, 12 countries involved, including Canada. The outcome bringing, the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition win back to Canada – Priceless.

After winning the Sandhurst win to RMC three straight years from 2005 to 2007, and then again in 2009, RMC had failed to win the competition again — until April 6.

The team
All teams need to be nine-member squads and must have at least one female member and two alternates. Each team is required to perform a series of military tasks along a route. Scores are determined by combining the points earned from each task, with points also earned for completing the course within the four-hour time frame. Other events include rappelling, combat swim (with full gear), 3.6 metre wall climb, and weapon handling skills.

The Sandhurst Military Skills Competition, held at West Point, first began in 1967 with the presentation of a British officer’s sword to the US Corps of Cadets by the British Exchange Officer.

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