E-approvals make business easier for the Defence Team


As part of a series of ‘red-tape-busting’ initiatives currently underway at the department, it is now possible to digitally sign an electronic document using a PKI card, forgoing the traditional ink signature. In the long-term, this initiative will lead to a web-enabled work environment for the Defence Team where transactions are accomplished without the use of paper forms.

One example of this process, called E-approvals, is the new military leave pass. The leave pass can now be signed electronically, and includes an area for resource management clerks to record their entries in the Human Resources Management System without the use of stamps or the need to scan the document. Once signed and saved, the document can be immediately used as the final corporate record.

There will be a phased implementation of E-approvals across the department. There is a process to approve the use of electronic signatures, which is defined in the E-approvals Departmental Framework and Implementation Guide. E-approvals provide an excellent opportunity to conduct a review of processes and business flows, cutting back on ‘red tape’ and creating a more efficient administrative system.

The use of E-approvals was sanctioned in late October 2016 by the Defence Renewal Oversight Committee (DROC).

For more information on E-approvals and to take part in the implementation of digitization for your organization, visit the E-approvals page on the Defence Team intranet at intranet.mil.ca. Click the More Topics tab and Defence Modernization.

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