KAF cenotaph undergoes restoration


A conservator painstakingly conducts detailed restoration of the Kandahar Airfield (KAF) cenotaph, in preparation for its permanent installation at the Carling Campus in Ottawa.

The KAF cenotaph is a battlefield memorial built in-theatre by service members to honour those killed in Afghanistan during Canada’s military mission. This large memorial consists of a plaque for each of the fallen, a boulder and a bas-relief plaque.

The KAF cenotaph was repatriated from Afghanistan at the closure of the CAF combat mission and is currently in storage. As a powerful memorial to those who died in the service of Canada, it will be placed on display for viewing by the friends and families of the fallen, the Defence Team and the public. However, an independent geological analysis of the cenotaph and its component parts concluded that it would not endure long-term exposure to the elements.

Therefore, a structure will be built at Carling Campus, the future site of NDHQ, in Ottawa’s west end, to house the memorial. This dedicated structure will be consistent with existing buildings at Carling Campus, including the use of glass to provide ample natural light and create a serene and solemn experience for visitors. A design contract for a permanent building was awarded in July and the project is planned for completion next year.

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