60 Seconds with Claude Rochette, ADM(FIN)/CFO and Champion of the NDWCC

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Assistant Deputy Minister (Finance) / Chief Financial Officer Claude Rochette, Champion of the 2016 National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign

Claude Rochette: Ok, go, one minute, oh.

Why do you support the work charitable campaign?

I think it’s important to take care to people who are in need and to invest in the future of humanity.

Who are the unsung heroes of your organization?

Unsung heroes of my organization are the men and women who work to do their best to take care of our military operations.

What is the most gratifying aspect of being champion of the workplace charitable campaign?

It’s being able to make a difference and help people.

What fundraising event are you most looking forward to?

I think that probably the online bidding is probably one of them, but the other one also is going to be a challenge from the young leadership to the whole Level 1 leaders. I won’t say more because I want to keep that as a surprise.

(Off camera) Ok.

Claude Rochette: That’s it?

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