RCN cook-off challenge puts top Navy chefs to the test


CFB Esquimalt

In a contest reminiscent of Chopped and Iron Chef, four navy cooks battled each other, in the RCN Cooks Skills Challenge.

Two cooks to a team, they were given a few minutes to select ingredients from the Chiefs’ and Petty Officers’ Mess pantry. Then each team was handed a black box filled with four mystery ingredients – strawberries, bacon, chicken and chocolate – to be incorporated into one entrée and one dessert.

With only two hours to create an innovative and winning feast the teams set to work. The judges assessed the team and dishes on presentation, sanitation, organization, product utilization, preparation, technical skill and of course taste.


Team CANSUBFOR presents the judges with their roasted chicken dish, complete with a side of sauteed carrots, hummus, roasted red peppers, and oven roasted potatoes.

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