7 Communication Group amalgamates IT and communications and information systems


A recent organizational change within the Information Management Group (IM Group) will make information technology (IT) and communications and information systems (CIS) service management more effective and efficient.

The Canadian Forces Shared Services Group (CFSSG) and 76 Communication Group (76 Comm Gp) have been officially amalgamated to create a new formation called 7 Communication Group (7 Comm Gp), with a transformed unit called 76 Communication Regiment (76 Comm Regt) under its command. To officially mark this transformation, a formal inauguration ceremony was held on May 19 in Ottawa.

The new 7 Comm Gp replaces CFSSG, which along with its four subordinate shared services units, was created in June 2012 in response to the creation of Shared Services Canada (SSC) as the government’s central provider of IT services. With a small presence on all bases and wings, CFSSG had the mandate to preserve military force generation capabilities and to support SSC in sustaining IT services for the Defence Team.

With this transformation, IT/CIS service operations will be centrally managed at the strategic and enterprise levels through common processes and coordination mechanisms with service providers and service management centres.

Origins and Legacy

76 Comm Gp was formed in Ottawa in the 1970s as one of six ‘70-series’ regional formations under the Canadian Forces Communication Command. While its mission and structure evolved over the years, 76 Comm Gp remained intimately engaged in providing critical CIS capabilities for DND and CAF elements, mainly in the National Capital Region, but extended throughout North America and overseas.

“The 76 Comm Gp legacy will live on as 76 Comm Regt increasingly takes on a broader mandate as a full-spectrum provider of strategic and enterprise services in accordance with the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Defence Renewal initiative,” said Colonel Walter Wood, former commander CFSSG. “The establishment of 7 Comm Gp will streamline IT and CIS service operations within the IM Group, and will provide the stable, flexible, and operations-focused organizational platform to meet future needs.”

Ministerial Organizational Orders were approved on May 31 officially creating a new unit called 77 Line Regiment (Regt), also assigned under command of 7 Comm Gp. 77 Line Regt will amalgamate CAF infrastructure line capabilities across the country, incorporating baseline detachments under regional line squadrons which derive from the legacy shared services units. A formal inauguration ceremony for 77 Line Regt will be held in conjunction with the upcoming 7 Comm Gp Change of Command Ceremony on July 20 in Ottawa.

Major-General Gregory Loos inspects soldiers on parade during the standing up of 7 Communications Group parade held at Cartier Square Drill Hall in Ottawa, Ontario on 19 May, 2016. Photo credit: Corporal Chase Miller Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) - Imaging Services ©2016 DND-MDN, Canada SU11-2016-0295-088

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