ADM(IE) procurement strategy gets an update

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Under ADM(IE)’s centralized real property model, the Directorate of Infrastructure and Environment Procurement Strategies (DIEPS) plays the key role,  of optimizing facilities management.

 DIEPS is supporting the ADM by developing a Real Property Procurement Strategy— a new, overarching approach to managing procurement. Under this ambitious plan, DIEPS will provide advice, guidance, tools, and training to support the issuance of contracts at the base and wing level. This will allow DIEPS to lead the way in achieving cost reductions by bundling real property contracts at the national, regional, or local levels. DIEPS will leverage private-sector capabilities with the realignment of internal resources to achieve the right balance of in-house and external real property contracts. This new strategy will allow DND to be smarter about the way it contracts for infrastructure services.

“Although DIEPS is still a relatively new organization, the directorate has already spearheaded significant change, delivering millions of dollars in savings as part of centralization and transformation of real property within DND,” said DIEPS Director Marie-Josée Corbeil. “As the lead on Defence Renewal Initiative 4.3 [achieving efficiencies through consolidation of base and wing facilities management contracts at the national, regional, or local levels], DIEPS is improving our procurement process and finding ways to determine if we are meeting our goals of cost avoidance, development of new, more efficient procurement strategies, service standards, compliance, and adoption of the DRMIS Material Management Module within ADM(IE).”

One example of these forward-thinking initiatives is electronic procurement (e-procurement). Once Public Service Procurement Canada (PSPC) has done the bulk of the front-end work in setting up contacts and standing offers with suppliers and getting them on-board, DIEPS will help procurement people or base supply procure common items electronically, much like online shopping is done today. ADM(IE) sees automatic payment to suppliers as something they can work toward. DIEPS is eager to act as a pilot organization for this exciting initiative, which will not only put them at the forefront of a new technology, but will also allow ADM(IE) to help shape the way electronic tools are delivered, and to ensure that the needs of bases, wings, and personnel are met.

Recently, DIEPS has also been involved in developing a contractual database. As ADM(IE) approaches Full Operational Capability on April 1, this database will help the Department find opportunities to bundle multiple contracts, creating savings which can be reinvested in the Department.

Throughout ADM(IE)’s transformation, “our team is making certain that stakeholders are consulted and that current procurement processes are made better,” adds Ms. Corbeil. “The primary goal of ADM(IE)’s Procurement Strategies team is to deliver the tools, templates, and expertise that front-line personnel need to modernize real property procurement at National Defence. We are proud of our progress in just one short year!”

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