IEBM: A new business solution for real property management



ADM(IE) has developed the Infrastructure and Environment Business Modernization (IEBM) project to help manage the centralized management of DND’s real property.

The purpose of IEBM is to develop a robust information-management system that will replace or consolidate obsolete applications and provide a common approach and common business processes for tracking the maintenance, life, safety, and code compliance of DND’s real property portfolio.

“We all worked hard to get ready for FOC (Full Operational Capability) on  April 1, but the work is not over yet,” says Doug Lloyd, Director General Engineering Services. “Fundamental to this transformation is the implementation of a new, modern information management system that will support ADM(IE)’s real property decisions well into the future.”

In 2015, ADM(IE) conducted a series of workshops to identify expectations for IEBM and to define requirements for the new information management system. IEBM is currently in the Implementation Phase, which involves the design, building, and testing of the new platform. This new platform is expected to be deployed between November 2016 and March 2017.

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