Strategic asset management for the future Defence establishment


As ADM(IE transforms, the goal of Director General Portfolio Requirements (DGPR) is to boost return on investment, and  ensure that DND is  spending its  budget wisely.In the past, the management of DND’s real property assets rested with nine separate custodians, each with different ways of doing business. Afterachieving FOC on April 1, ADM(IE) is now the sole manager of all DND real property assets. This centralization will enable ADM(IE) to establish  a consistent way of doing business across the Department’s entire real property portfolio. The team at DGPR manages long-term (15–30 years into the future) real property planning for DND by making sure that assets are well located, by managing routine disposals, by consolidating building uses, and by planning the best way to buy and sell DND real property.

Looking at the Department’s real property portfolio with a long-term outlook lets ADM(IE) consider things like how much real property assets are dedicated to warehousing, how much is spent on offices versus hangar facilities, what problems and issues need to be addressed, what condition are the assets in, how much is DND spending, what facilities does it already have and what does it need? These are all good things to know when you are planning the future of one of the largest real property portfolios  in the Canadian Government. Centralization will also help ADM(IE) update its data and create consistent ways of defining things like asset buildings, water plants, jetties, and hangars across the Department’s extensive real property portfolio.

Lieutenant-Colonel Jérémie Emond outlined how DGPR is “collecting information on strategic assets to make better and more informed decisions about where we will be investing resources. While strategic assets used to be divided amongst all custodians of real property across the country, we are now trying to have more of a portfolio view to make informed decisions. This new centralized way of doing things will build a sound foundation for making decisions about the Department’s long-term real property investments.”

DGPR is poised to offer advice to senior management so that they can make wise choices on the best way to fulfill DND’s infrastructure needs, now and over the coming decades.

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