Election of the Anglican Bishop Ordinary a first for to the CAF


For the first time in history, Anglicans in the CAF have chosen their own Bishop.

A cross section of delegates lay and ordained, representing Anglicans from across the CAF, dialed in to a conference call and were greeted by the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada. After receiving the Primate’s Charge, and saying Morning Prayer together, they proceeded to vote electronically for one of the four nominees for Bishop Ordinary to the CAF.

In the past, the Bishop for the Anglican Military Ordinariate (AMO) was appointed by the Primate (the senior bishop within the national church) from among serving or retired bishops. Several years ago, the Anglican Clericus, a group consisting of Anglican chaplains in the CAF, raised the vision of electing its own bishop. The proposal was approved March 5, and the vision became a reality.

The current bishop, Peter Coffin, was appointed 12 years ago when he was still Bishop of the Diocese of Ottawa. The new bishop, Colonel Nigel Shaw, will be consecrated Anglican Bishop Ordinary to the CAF in Ottawa, on May 28.

Col Shaw served in a number of units over his distinguished military career his last was as Director of Chaplain Operations in NDHQ. He continued to foster his vocation as priest by volunteering at local Anglican parishes, participating in military chapels, and by accepting leadership positions within the AMO such as Treasurer and, finally, Archdeacon.

Col Shaw understands the unique challenges families face in the CAF and looks forward to moving to a role where he can devote more of his time and energy to offering compassionate, pastoral care to CAF members and their families. The Royal Canadian Chaplain Service’s moto is “Called to Serve”. Bishop Elect Shaw has been called to serve in a unique ministry. He has answered the call and is ready, aye, to serve as the Anglican Bishop Ordinary to the CAF.

10 September 2015 Ottawa, Ontario Formal Portrait of Colonel (Col) Nigel Shaw. Unit: Office of the Chaplain General Trade Name: Chaplain MOSID: 00349 Position: Director Chaplaincy Operations Medals: Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, UN Force in Cyprus , Canadian Forces Decoration with 2 rosettes Photo credit: Corporal Chase Miller Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) - Imaging Services ©2015 DND-MDN, Canada SU11-2015-1411-020

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