Digital signatures and inter-departmental secure emails: New business capabilities for the Defence Team

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New enhancements to our encryption capability that allows users to properly safeguard sensitive information (up to Protected B) on the Defence Wide Area Network (DWAN), have made it possible for DND/CAF users to securely exchange Protected B information via email with their colleagues across government. Referred to as the Designated Public Key Infrastructure, or D-PKI, enhancements to this technology is now opening many doors for the Defence Team.

“Many of us work with Protected B material, and being able to exchange this type of information over email in a secure way is very important. Before, there were hurdles to communicating inter-departmentally,” said Len Bastien, Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management) and Defence Chief Information Officer. “A number of organizations across Defence interact with other departments and Central Agencies on a daily basis. This has a huge impact on them.”

Other improvements to D-PKI include streamlined processes and procedures, as well as security enhancements that now enable the use of D-PKI for digital signatures.

“Digital approval and signing of documents is clearly the way of the future, and represents a critical capability for renewing business processes,” said Mr. Bastien. “It has already made a difference in my own work, and I am thrilled that we can offer this capability to the Defence Team.”

D-PKI requires users to insert a smart card into their computer’s smart card reader and enter a personal identification number (PIN) when prompted. From there, they can perform a number of tasks, such as data protection, electronic signatures and access to secure Government applications.

For more information on D-PKI, please consult the D-PKI intranet page. Please note that DND/CAF personnel who have been issued a smart card do not need to request a new D-PKI smart card as part of the enhancements. Requests for a D-PKI smart card must be submitted through the Enterprise IT Service Management self-service portal.

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