An opportunity to reshape our organization



The Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure and Environment) [ADM(IE)] achieves Full Operational Capacity (FOC) on April 1, having officially reduced the number of real property managers from nine to one.

ADM(IE) sees the centralized management of more than $26 billion in real property assets as a great opportunity for the organization that has changed a lot since the government mandated it to do so in 2012. Previously, the Navy, Army, Air Force and other DND all managed their own infrastructure. Meaning that DND had nine unique groups managing its real property portfolio.

As part of this transformation, in April 2014, ADM(IE) reduced the number of groups managing its real property assets from nine to four, and in April 2015, ADM(IE) stood up the entire Pacific region, reducing further the number of managers from four to three. Inevitably, there were a few growing pains, with many lessons learned and we will take those lessons forward as the organization “leaves home” and launches into full-fledged “adulthood”.

ADM(IE)’s priority is to efficiently manage and build an integrated portfolio of real property assets and to provide excellent service in support of the Canadian Armed Forces. We will update our business processes, explore potential savings and efficiencies, eliminate costly duplication, change the way we manage real property project delivery, and will do all of this in an environmentally sustainable way. ADM(IE) has been working hard to transform the way it does business and to shore up its human resource capacity, so they can fulfill these commitments and continue to do so as we move toward.

As we transition, our core values will remain at the heart of every decision we make: our fundamental duty to support CAF operations, our defence strategy commitments, and our promise to uphold the federal governments’ environmental agenda and real property objectives.

It takes courage and strength to leave behind what we are used to, and real growth happens when we challenge ourselves. I look forward to meeting the challenges ahead with the help of my dedicated team. To ADM(IE)’s future, may it be bright and brimming with opportunity.

— Jamie Pitfield, ADM(IE)

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