60 Seconds with Len Bastien, Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management)

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Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management) Len Bastien

ADM(IM) Len Bastien: That was hard, like, I’m sweating. Like, that’s not… what’s next anyway?

Off camera: It’s the lights.

Mr. Bastien: Alright, I’m Len Bastien, ADM(IM), and I’m going to do 60 Seconds today, on this really cool, new tablet. Which, are the same tablets we’re going to take to [Carling] Campus, so, let’s see how this works.

1. ‘Pokémon Go’, yes or no?


2. In your opinion, what is the coolest IT related product or program available at Defence?

Clearly this new tablet.

3. Next… unsung heroes of my organization??

Louise, you’re just fishin’.

Off camera: Laughter.

Mr. Bastien: I could just go on.

4. Sens or Leafs?

I don’t want to answer that.

5. As a Defence champion for persons with disabilities, what is your one wish for that community?

Oh, this is serious. Inclusiveness. They’ve all got to feel like they’re part of the team right from the beginning.

6. If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing that you would do?

Go on a family vacation.

7. Next… what is the one piece of advice to keep people safer online?

Don’t click on the link!

8. Alright next, what is your favourite media platform: Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube?

I’m going to go with Facebook. I’m kind of… old.

9. Alright next, now, what is your biggest challenge at work?

Answering questions on a tablet.


Off camera: That’s it.

Mr. Bastien: Aw, am I done already? I really wanted to beat Mark because… anyway.

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