Congratulations to CAF members at Valcartier!


LS02-2016-0009-03 Sergent Kevin McDuff, du 3e Bataillon Royal 22e Régiment (3R22eR) joue avec Zak Demers, lors de sa visite pour le soutenir avant un de ses traitements de chimiothérapie, à l’Hôpital Sainte-Justine, Montréal, Québec, vendredi le 7 octobre 2016. ~ Sergeant Kevin McDuff, from 3rd Battalion Royal 22e Régiment (3R22eR) plays with Zak Demers during his visit to offer his support before one of his chemotherapy treatments, at Sainte-Justine Hospital, in Montreal, Quebec, on Friday October 7 2016. Photo : Bdrc Angel Ferreira, technicien multimédia, BAP 2 Div CA/FOI(E) LS02-2016-0009-03

Sergeant Kevin McDuff, 3rd Battalion, Royale 22e Régiment, and his spouse, Master Corporal Korina Verreault, 5 Service Battalion, represented Valcartier CAF members during a visit to Sainte-Justine Hospital on October 7 to meet with Zak Demers and his family.

Knowing that the young man wants to become a soldier when he grows up, the two CAF members wanted to help him in his fight against cancerous bone tumours that have metastasized and spread to 75 per cent of his bones. In truth, Zak has to fight a war for which he was not prepared, and the battle has only just begun. For that reason, the support of the Valcartier military community has been a tremendous boost of encouragement for Zak and his family.

Congratulations to the Valcartier CAF members for their dedication to the community! These individuals are making a significant difference in their community. Your exemplary dedication is an inspiration for the people around you.

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