2016 Addictions Awareness Campaign: Know where to draw the line 12 -26 Nov

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This year’s Addictions Awareness Campaign, which takes place from November 12 to 26, focuses on being aware of the choices we make that can keep us safe and healthy. The goal of the campaign is to promote an addiction-free lifestyle for the entire CAF community by providing information, resources, and activities.

Objectives of this year’s campaign include:

  • Increasing awareness of alcohol, gaming, gambling, and drug use prevention resources in the CAF;
  • Raising awareness of smoking cessations aids available in the CAF;
  • Increasing awareness of an addiction-free lifestyle within the CAF; and
  • Promoting an addiction-free lifestyle in CAF culture

The theme of the campaign is It’s Your Call: Know Where to Draw the Line, andcampaign posters feature a simple message encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own personal limits. Another goal of the posters is to break down barriers by saying it is okay for people to say no to alcohol without being concerned about what their peers may think.

The campaign includes activities, information, and resources to raise awareness within the CAF about responsible, moderate drinking. Activities during the campaign provide an opportunity for people to reflect on their use of alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and gaming (which includes internet). If individuals become aware of the signs of addiction and the effect it may have on their health, they are better positioned to respond to it.

Watch for activities taking place at your local base or wing. By participating in some activities, you could be eligible to win one of 22 Lifetrak Zone Fitness Bands. Take the time to look at the many websites and resources to help you better understand addictions. Many sites are interactive and have great learning tools.

You may be surprised to discover the many services and resources available on every base and wing across Canada. Watch for the activities and events organized by your health promotion team during this year’s Addictions Awareness Campaign.

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