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English/Anglais 24 July 2013 Ottawa, Ontario Portrait of Dr. Marc Fortin, Chief Executive Officer of Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and Assistant Deputy Minister (Science and Technology). Photo: Janice Lang, DRDC © 2013 DRDC/RDDC Français/French 24 juillet 2013 Ottawa, Ontario Portrait de M. Marc Fortin, Ph. D., chef de la direction de Recherche et développement pour la défense Canada (RDDC) et sous-ministre adjoint (Science et technologie). Photo: Janice Lang, RDDC © 2013 DRDC/RDDC

Many Defence Team members are not aware of the collaboration and history the Assistant Deputy Minister (Science &Technology) has with the DND and the CAF.

So we would like to change this, by showcasing just a small portion of the great work that the ADM(S&T) groups are doing with various partners across the country. We are proud of these partnerships and look forward to what the future holds as we focus our energy on supporting government and departmental S&T priorities.

Committed to creating, developing, maintaining, and utilizing a technological and analytical foundation, ADM (S&T) is able to foresee and address future challenges, anticipate evolving threats, and provide support to the development of future Defence priorities.

The following pages show results of the hard work, dedication, and collaboration of ADM(S&T) employees across the agency and the department.

We also invite you to visit to discover more ADM(S&T) projects.

Dr. Marc Fortin

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