Ethically, what would you do? Getting what you want



Captain Sarah Finch-Ouellette, a new administration officer in the base commander’s office, has been assigned to coordinate the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC), which raises funds for charities in the community.

The Commander has said to Capt Finch-Ouellette that he would like to strongly encourage people to contribute to the campaign, and wants her to be innovative in bolstering participation in fundraising activities, but without compromising operational effectiveness.

Capt Finch-Ouellette reviewed DAOD 7021-4, Solicitations, Sponsorships and Donations; CANFORGEN 136/15 on Charities, Solicitation, Sponsorships, Donations and Acceptance of Gifts, Hospitality and Other Benefits; CANFORGEN 137/16 on Guidance for the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) 2016; and the Provision of Services policy and spoke to the base comptroller about some of her ideas. In particular, she proposes to use the new $2 million Fast Weapons Skills Simulator, charging $5 for any DND employee or CAF member and their spouse, and $2 per child.

Capt Finch-Ouellette thinks this would be a small price to pay to experience 15 minutes of simulated weapons firing something  people would certainly line up for. She is certain the concept would raise considerable funds for the campaign, and meet the base commander’s intent.

The base comptroller argues that this activity would not align with policy, because they would be charging a user’s fee to use equipment that is not intended for that purpose. The base comptroller also notes that there are issues of liability to be examined by the Judge Advocate General’s office, and the activity would not likely be recommended.


Capt Finch-Ouellette nonetheless feels this is for a good cause, and since this equipment  has been underutilized lately, there is nothing wrong with liberally interpreting these policies.

Attempting to convince the base comptroller to endorse the idea, she states “the base commander told me personally this is what he wants and we must make it happen.”

From an ethical perspective, is CaptFinch-Ouellette abiding by the principles and values of the DND and CF Code of Values and Ethics?

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