CF Housing Agency celebrates 20 years


The Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CFHA) is celebrating its 20th anniversary and has received approximately $103 million, the largest investment since its creation.

More than $52 million has been used to date to renovate housing interiors and exteriors, as well as build new accommodations at bases and wings at Bagotville, Borden, Cold Lake, Comox, Esquimalt, Gagetown, Greenwood, Moose Jaw, Petawawa and Shilo. In 2015–2016, 195 units were completely renovated, 56 new units were built, and the exteriors, kitchens and bathrooms of other units were renovated.

Next year, the Agency plans to complete 56 similar projects as construction contracts have already all been assigned and work has started in some areas. At the end of the two-year program, the funds will have been used to improve around 10 per cent of CFHA accommodations.

Most military housing was built between 1948 and 1960 and is in dire need of modernization, so much work still remains to continue improving the accommodations under CFHA responsibly.

More good news

CFHA will receive an additional $50 million in investments for the2017–2018, making it possible for the Agency to offer modern accommodations to CAF members and their families in the future.

CFHA falls under the Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure and Environment), and has been providing services and looking after Crown-managed accommodations since April 1996.

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