CFB Esquimalt: Navy replaces veteran’s stolen coin


A 91-year-old naval veteran who had a treasured coin stolen from his car during a recent move in Cornwall, Ont., received an unexpected visit from the Deputy-Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy.

Six years ago, Edgar Hughes received the coin from the commanding officer of HMCS Fredericton in honour of his service on D-Day. On the day the allies stormed the beaches of Normandy, Mr. Hughes, 19 at the time, was a gunner aboard St. Croix, one of the Royal Navy’s merchant ships. After the Germans launched three shells at the convoy St. Croix was sailing with, the young Hughes set up a smoke screen that saved the lives of hundreds of sailors.

The story of the veteran’s stolen coin came to the attention of the RCN after media reports on the crime. RCN Deputy-Commander, Rear-Admiral Gilles Couturier, decided to personally travel to Cornwall to present Mr. Hughes with a replacement coin, as well as other gifts including navy books and ball caps.


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