Construction Milestone for Mercury Global project


The Mercury Global project team has reached an important milestone, as the eagerly anticipated satellite anchor station structures have now been erected at Shirleys Bay in Ottawa.

The three state-of-the-art 13.2 metre antennas on site are massive, rising nearly 19.5 metres from the ground and weighing a staggering 50 000 kilograms each. The Mercury Global Anchor Station (MGAS) antennas will offer high availability — “the triplets” are to be joined by two more sets of twins on the east and west coasts, for a total of seven MGAS giants nationwide.

This phase of the construction, led by contractor General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada, was completed the last week of June. Much work remains to be done — specifically testing and integration — in order to achieve Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) certification, slated for 2017.

The Mercury Global project will significantly strengthen the operational capability of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) both at home and abroad. It will provide increased bandwidth at a lower cost than previous commercial leasing.

In the meantime, a major DND landmark has been achieved and these impressive structures can now be appreciated for what they are — a big step towards the future of SATCOM for the CAF.


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