Pilot course brings Security Community together

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Staying on top of the threats facing Canada and its allies requires an integrated solution to ensure the CAF is ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.

To meet this challenge, a pilot Canadian Security Studies Course (CSSC) was held recently in Ottawa for 46 participants from 13 government departments and agencies.

“This executive-style course is part of ongoing efforts to create links and build common knowledge and understanding throughout the national security community,” said Major-General Éric Tremblay, commander of Military Personnel Generation (MPG).

Lessons Learned

The CSSC is part of the Defence Team’s broader efforts to build institutional excellence in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). It was created as a result of a challenge to the Canadian Forces College (CFC) by MGen Tremblay, to take inspiration and lessons-learned from the Canadian Security Studies Programme and National Security Programme, as well as the National Security Practitioners Project, to develop and deliver a pilot course built on an executive education model.

The course was led by Dr. Alan Okros of CFC, in partnership with the Royal Military College of Canada, as part of a whole-of-government approach. The course’s intent aligned with the government’s direction to ensure a close link between defence policy, foreign policy and national security.

Program Discussions

The diverse range of participants laid the ground work for in-depth discussions, as they learned and discussed key national security issues, roles and mandates. Participants were encouraged to think about the current security environment and how it impacts their day-to-day work, and also consider the challenges the national security community will face in the short and medium term.

To stimulate discussions, the course featured lectures and practitioner-led briefings by Global Affairs Canada, the Privy Council Office, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, DND and Public Safety, as well as a presentation by the Child Soldier Initiative.

Feedback from participants was positive and reinforced the necessity of such events in building institutional excellence within the CAF and the broader whole-of-government national security community. For more information about upcoming events, please contact us.

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