CF Combat Camera launches new site


The Canadian Forces Combat Camera (CFCC) team has just launched a new and improved website giving everyone a better opportunity to view CAF images and videos.

Consistent with government web standards and accessibility guidelines,, has closed caption capability and is completely bilingual.

“The new and improved version will replace the former Combat Camera website and ForcesImages version to meet all the Government of Canada’s web policy requirements and enhance the user experience with its simplicity, efficiency and functionality,” said Edison Stewart, Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs). “This new version has advanced functions that will facilitate the approval process that will allow for the immediate public release of CAF imagery.”

In addition to the improved desktop interface, this new version will also allow you access through smartphone or a tablet. The search tool has improved web analytics linked with keywords and metadata to expand search capability.

CFCC has been capturing images of CAF operations since 1990. Deploying at a moment’s notice to transmit and distribute high quality imagery of our armed forces, CFCC is a direct link from the front line to the front page.

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