New toolkit helps leaders talk about change

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A toolkit is now available to help leaders at Defence, especially those who have direct contact with personnel, explain the various change initiatives happening across the organization.

Although the Leadership Toolkit on Change has been designed for leaders at the levels of warrant officer to lieutenant-colonel, and supervisors and managers, all are encouraged to make use of this information. As leaders, you have a responsibility to discuss with your subordinates the reason for change, the expected benefits, and the role that each of your people play in supporting it.

The toolkit can be downloaded and is customizable for your needs. Using it will help ensure that all personnel within your organization, both military and civilian, understand how their individual roles and responsibilities contribute to the new environment in which we work. Using the toolkit will help provide context for the changing workplace within your organization, and will assist your personnel relate how their work fits into or is impacted by the various change initiatives underway at Defence, including Defence Renewal and Blueprint 2020.

The toolkit can be found on the Defence Team intranet site at, under Focus on the Future, a one-stop portal for information about the various change initiatives underway across Defence.


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