60 Seconds with Rear-Admiral Art McDonald, Commander Maritime Forces Pacific

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Rear-Admiral Art McDonald, Commander Maritime Forces Pacific

Where can you be found when not in the office?

My name is Art McDonald. I’m the new commander of Maritime Forces Pacific, and I’m taking the 60 second challenge.

1. What inspired you to join the RCN?

Without a word of a lie, two movies: ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Officer and a Gentleman’.

2. Who is your hero?

Gord Downie.

3. What is your favourite mess meal?

Newfie steak.

4. Morning or afternoon PT?

Morning. I just did the fleet run this morning.

5. What is in your earthquake kit?

Water, chocolate and cat food.

6. West coast or East coast?

West coast, winter is coming.

7. Why are subs important to Canada?

Since they’re gonna be in our waters, they may as well be ours.

8. Cape Breton or Nova Scotia?

Cape Breton.

9. Where can you be found when not in the office?


Off camera: That’s it!

That’s it, there you go. Favourite port of call is home.

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