Borden overcomes obstacles


In heavy rain and flying mud, 39 CAF members from CFBs Borden and Meaford ran a portion of the Obstacle Course Race (OCR) World Championship obstacle course at Blue Mountain, Ontario.

The independent, international OCR World Championships sees competitors push themselves over hurdles, through mud and other obstacles in a race for the finish line.

While standing in the athletes lounge, Private Matthew McIntyre concocted a game plan with his team prior to moving to the start line.

“I have to run up a mountain,” he said with a laugh. “I’m just going to go as fast and hard as possible, and try not to break anything.”

Team mate Petty Officer, 2nd Class Jennifer MacKinnon was excited to be taking part as well.

“The way I’m looking at it is [that] it’s an experience and I’m looking forward to getting it done! How many people can say they’ve done something like this?”

As they moved outside to the starting line, the rain took a break for a few minutes. Before they took off, OCR staff member ‘Coach Pain’ offered our men and women words of encouragement, pumping them up for the tasks ahead.

“Canada can, Canada will, Canada is strong, and if you believe that, make some noise!” his said, his voice reverberating through the speakers.

And with that and flying mud, the runners were off! CFB Borden Base Commander Colonel Liam McGarry and Base Chief Warrant Officer Michael Charette watched from the sidelines with a few family members, cheering the competitors along.

The CAF members ran a modified version of the entire course in teams of three. Each team member ran a specific portion of the event— a 4 km run up and down the mountain, dragging a nearly 23 kg sandbag a half kilometre up the mountain and down again, and an obstacles portion that featured various unique challenges. Each team of three then joined together at the end to scale an almost 4 m wall, to finally cross the finish line together.

Finishing first amongst the Canadians was team 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron 1, comprised of Corporal Chris Johnston, Warrant Officer Darren MacDonald and Cpl Shawn Arsenault. Second place went to team 31 Canadian Forces Health Service 2, including Master Corporal Andrew Grove, Leading Seaman David Neeb and Captain Georgette Mink. Finally, third place went to Royal Canadian Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 2, with members Sergeant Simon Laprade, Sgt Sebastien Harrison and Lieutenant Patrick Nadeau.

Congrats to all who ran the course and good luck washing that mud from your sneakers!

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