60 Seconds with Colonel Steve Lacroix, Commander 3rd Canadian Division Support Group and Ortona, the PTSD assistance dog in-training

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Colonel Steve Lacroix, Commander 3rd Canadian Division Support Group

Good day everybody, I’m Colonel Steve Lacroix, Commander 3rd Canadian Division Support Group, and I’m here for ’60 Seconds with…’ Accompanied by Ortona, our PTSD assistance dog in-training, that’s being raised here by one of my folks here on base.

So let’s go!

1. What does Ortona bring to the base?

Ortona brings a great vehicle for education. So he educates the folks that work on base that have never seen a service animal. And he also educates me and my staff as we’re trying to work our way through policies to employ people with service animals here on base.

2. How do service dogs help people with PTSD?

So, I’m no expert, but I’m becoming a bit smarter on this issue. I think the number one thing is hypervigilance. So they help people suffering from PTSD with that aspect, and they always have their back. And also I think they draw people out emotionally which is not a bad thing.

3. How do your employees make your job easier?

So, I’ve got a lot of people punching above their weight. So they make my life easier that way, as we enable success for all the employable forces across Western Canada.

4. Where does Ortona stay on base?

He stays wherever he wants, actually, and that’s the point. He’s got access to absolutely every facility here on base.

Off camera: Times up!

Col Lacroix: That’s it?

Off camera: That’s it.

Col Lacroix: OK!

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