Important information regarding overpayments, emergency salary advances, and tax implications


Tax season is approaching and the following information will help to ensure your T4 tax slip is accurate and avoid potential income tax implications.

Determine if you are being overpaid:

Estimate your gross-to-net salary with the new calculator available through Compensation Web Applications (CWAs), found at under the PSPC Services tab, and Pay Services. In some cases, overpayments may have been small enough to go unnoticed. However, over the course of the year it could have an impact on your T4 tax slip. If you are unaware whether you have been overpaid, please log into the CWA and access the gross-to-net calculator.

Report your overpayment situation:

Tell your manager if you are having a pay issue. Your manager can help you determine the reason for the issue and help you get an emergency salary advance through your department’s internal processes.
Your manager may need to submit a pay action request (located at to resolve the issue.
If you haven’t already done so, please report and make arrangements for your overpayment situation immediately so that your T4 tax slip may be amended.

Emergency salary advances and priority payments are not considered salary overpayments, and should not be reflected on your T4 tax slip.

Support and tools:

Employees can contact the Pay Centre at 1 855 686 4729 to report overpayments. An agent will be able to assist. Visit here for additional information on tax slips.

For Phoenix pay system tax implications and related information.

CRA telephone support is available at 1-888-556-5083 (9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time).

For more information regarding compensation and benefits, please visit.

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