Tips for Security Awareness Week: February 6-10


Fly away with these safety tips!

Have travel plans for work or March break? Here is what you should know to keep yourself and your family safe and bring back happy memories…

(x) Don’t identify your bags using a business card! It contains your occupation, nationality, and contact information – all the details that could make you a target for criminals.

(ѵ) Put only your name and phone number on a tag and ideally place it in the side pocket of your luggage. This way, your luggage will be identifiable if it gets lost and the written information won’t reveal anything about your occupation. This will protect your identity.

(x) Avoid getting a room on the ground floor as it is more accessible to criminals from the outside. On the other hand, a room on the 20th floor may offer a nicer view, but could delay your evacuation in case of emergency.

(ѵ) Try to get a room on floors three to six and locate the emergency exit closest to your room so you will know the quickest way out.

(x) Don’t sit where you cannot see well around you or too far from an emergency exit.

(ѵ) Sit near the driver or an emergency exit whenever possible. Also keep an eye on your luggage as thefts are common on public transportation.

(x) Avoid wearing conspicuous clothing, such as a military uniform, mission or unit t-shirts, or clothing bearing religious or culturally sensitive symbols.

(ѵ) Don’t try to stand out. Blending in makes you less of a target.

(x) Don’t walk alone or venture through side streets when it’s dark outside. And if you are lost, don’t let it show!

(ѵ) Walk with someone you know and use well-lit streets. If you are lost, ask for directions from an authority figure. If you believe you are being followed, walk to the closest police station, government office, hospital or major department store, preferably a place where there is a security presence.

(x) Don’t leave without submitting your Notice of Intent to Travel!

(ѵ) Submit your Notice of Intent to Travel online on the Director General Defence Security site. It is mandatory for all Defence Team members. Visit to learn about any warnings concerning health, weather or the political situation with regard to your travel destination.

Be prepared and travel safely! Visit the Director General Defence Security site for more information on travel security.

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