New CAF policy removes promotion barriers for ill and injured members

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Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) who have medical challenges and are up for potential promotion no longer have to feel that they need to choose between the two.

As of January 18, ill and injured members can be promoted while undergoing medical care. If they have a condition that is preventing them from achieving fitness or training promotion prerequisites, they can be promoted in an acting capacity with no time pressure for meeting these conditions. Once their medical treatment has been completed, a member can be fully promoted to their new position.

The CAF recognizes the talents and dedication of our ill and injured members, and their expected future contributions. A member’s posting and appointment at the next rank will take into account his or her employment and deployment limitations.

Removing medical health from promotion criteria is just one of the ways the CAF is working to improve how administration and support is provided to our members and their families.

For more information on these changes to promotion criteria, consult CANFORGEN 012/17 CMP 009/17 De-linking of Medical Condition from Promotion Criteria.

Learn more about health programs and services available to CAF members, including physical and mental health care, support for families, and comprehensive reintegration and return-to-work programs go to

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