New site makes it easier for CAF personnel and families to stay connected


A new website makes it easier for military personnel and their families to access Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) morale and welfare services in their area. brings the contents of the old FamilyForce and CF Community Gateway websites under one URL, and connects CAF members and families to their local Military Family Resource Centres (MFRCs) and Personnel Support Programs (PSP).

“CAFconnection was developed with extensive input from a working group, including former CAF members and military spouses, Military Family Services and PSP staff, and content administrators,” said Commodore Sean Cantelon, Director General Morale & Welfare Services. “There are currently more than 200 local PSP and Military Family Services/MFRC content administrators and editors who input information directly onto the site. It is an excellent example of good collaboration and teamwork that will ultimately benefit our serving members and their families.”

Families used to have to navigate between the CF Community Gateway and FamilyForce websites to access local recreation schedules, mess hours, program registration, and their local MFRC programming. Under, users can find all of this information in one location, without having to know which organization provides which services.

The site is easy to navigate, full of images of CAF members and their families, highlights news and events relevant to its users, and is mobile-friendly.

Web content is organized in two ways – by large audience groups (Military Personnel, Veterans and Families, Parents and Caregivers, and Families of the Fallen), and by programming areas (Deployment, Child Care, Health Care, Housing, and Recreation). is constantly evolving with useful and relevant content being uploaded regularly for users. To provide your thoughts on the new site, contact

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