CFHA improves its contracting approach in Petawawa

A CFHA maintenance services contract pilot project, now in its third year of implementation, is seeing positive results. The agency is looking at similar procurement strategies in different regions across Canada.


A novel approach to managing maintenance contracts and lifecycle projects for Residential Housing Units is paying off for the Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CFHA).

In January 2015, the agency launched the Petawawa Maintenance Services Contract Pilot Project to better achieve contracting efficiencies by bundling several maintenance contracts and lifecycle projects into a single contract. A three-year, $18 million contract was awarded to Carillion Canada to undertake the repairs, maintenance, and lifecycle investments of the housing units at the Petawawa Housing Service Centre (HSC), significantly reducing the number of contracts at HSC Petawawa.

Prior to the pilot, each year HSC Petawawa delivered repairs, maintenance, operations, and renovations to housing units through approximately 34 contracts. The pilot amalgamated all of these into one, reducing the administration of the previous numerous contracts.

In the first year of implementation, the pilot demonstrated that not only was the level of service maintained, but that several administrative efficiencies were found. In addition, the pilot resulted in improved delivery across the full spectrum of local programs: improvements to customer service, the elimination of multi-trade contractor coordination issues, a reduction in the number of call-backs for deficient work, an improvement to the change of occupancy process, a reduction in the time housing units were held offline for work, and an improvement in the delivery of program requirements on time and on budget.

Now going into the third year of implementation and seeing similar positive results, CFHA is determining if similar procurement strategies will work at similarly-sized sites in different regions across Canada.

CFHA manages nearly 12 000 Residential Housing Units at 28 locations across Canada, and ensures assets are maintained to a suitable standard for CAF members. Responsible for maintenance, repairs, renovations, and operations of the residential housing sites, the agency coordinates many contracts with local suppliers.

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