Tailored approach to maintaining RCAF aircraft engines

PHOTO: MCpl Kelly Low

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On February 3, the Government of Canada announced in-service support contracts for the engines of three aircraft.

Mississauga’s Magellan Aerospace won a $45 million contract for the sustainment of Hornet engines, while Winnipeg’s StandardAero won a $45 million contract for the sustainment of Aurora and H-model Hercules engines. These contracts are for an initial five-year period, with option years available to be earned until the respective fleets are retired.

“These contracts were designed to align the interests of all stakeholders, including industry,” said Richard Pageau, Department of National Defence Team Lead for the Air Sustainment Centre of Expertise, an inter-departmental group that serves as an advisory body to colleagues in the procurement field.

These contracts are among the first to reflect the more adaptable, cost-effective approach to equipment maintenance and support resulting from an inter-departmental Sustainment Initiative. This initiative helps ensure high levels of equipment readiness for military equipment and fleets, while ensuring that support programs remain flexible to respond to changing budgets and operational needs, deliver the best value for money, and offer economic benefit for Canada.

By January 2018, the Sustainment Initiative process will apply to all in-service support contracts, so expect to hear a lot more about this exciting initiative in the near future.

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