Fit Tips: Promote active living strategies in your work day



Boardrooms and office spaces are becoming more and more common within the Canadian Armed Forces. Which leads to sedentary lifestyle and too much sitting. Which this can also lead to poor health outcomes.

So here are some active living tips to get you through your day. You can simply contact your local PSP staff to organize a unit PT. Or even gather some coworkers together for a walking group on a simple Tuesday afternoon, for example.

Also, very easy tips to get you through some days, are to go to the washroom or even fill your water bottle up, at the farthest area in the building. This will actually increase the number of steps in your day very easily.

Simple stretches, or even taking the time to stand up at your desk can improve the blood flow. Good thing to do, is every time you have a phone call, stand up and move. For more information, go to your Health Motion office.

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