CAF Surgeon General releases new health strategy


The Canadian Armed Forces Surgeon General recently released his Integrated Health Strategy, which outlines the Canadian Forces Health Services Group’s (CF H Svcs Gp’s) commitment to ensuring military members get the care they need when they need it from the right members of the support team. In the strategy, patients are viewed as partners— not just participants—in their own health care.

The strategy outlines four goals—called the Quadruple Aim— which are the framework the CF H Svcs Gp has adopted to measure success and guide decision making. The Quadruple Aim is based on four, easy to remember key elements which spell the word HERO:

  • Health of the population – Enhancing the health of the population means the promotion of health, the prevention of illness and injury, as well as protection from occupational and environmental exposures to health hazards.
  • Enhanced patient experience – Enhancing the patient experience means providing consistent, high-quality services that have a foundation in evidence-based, accessible, and patient-partnered health care that places the safety of our patients first.
  • Resource stewardship – Resource stewardship in health care is the ethical and responsible planning and management of materiel, knowledge, information, and financial and human resources to ensure efficient and effective health services.
  • Operational excellence – Operational excellence means a healthy force capable of peak performance supported by health services which are ready to meet operational demands, both clinically and operationally.

Key enablers for a successful Health Services Transformation in pursuit of the HERO objectives include:

  • Expanding knowledge;
  • Learning more about patients and their health in order to improve outcomes;
  • Emphasizing the value that innovation and investing in technology brings to the health system and patients;
  • Embracing performance measurement to understand what is being done well, and how to do better; and
  • Improving the way the system is managed through a governance review, which will lead to positive changes in structure and processes.

Roadmap to better health

Integration for Better Health is the roadmap to shape how the CF H Svcs Gp teams will work effectively with its partners to achieve excellence and create a healthier future for CAF members. It specifically focuses on partnerships with organizations external to CF H Svcs Gp (such as military allies, civilian health care partners, and Veterans Affairs Canada), other CAF programs (such as Morale and Welfare, Chaplains, Joint Personnel Support Unit, Integrated Personnel Support Centre , and the Military Family Resource Centres) and organizations internal to Health Services (such as mental health, dental, and physiotherapy). More importantly, it is about partnering with members and patients and their families, as well as their chain of command, to enhance communication and collaboration in order to improve the health and operational readiness of personnel.

The Health Services team

This strategy is also focused on the over 5000 members of the CF H Svcs Gp team. As its people are most valuable resource for CF H Svcs Gp, its military operational effectiveness depends greatly on team members’ wellness to serve CAF personnel. It is essential, then, that Health Services has a strong, healthy, and resilient workforce.

Ultimate goal

The ultimate goal is to achieve better results on the three-fold mission to deliver health services, provide deployable health capabilities, and provide health advice. CAF members/patients and their families, their chain of command, and CF H Svcs Gp partners and personnel all play invaluable roles in implementing the Integrated Health Strategy.

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