Transition Support to Improve for CAF Members

The Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU) holds its Change of Command Ceremony on 20 April, 2017, at the Labelle Building in Ottawa, ON. The official documents are signed during the Change of Command Ceremony. Left to Right: Outgoing Commander – Captain (Navy) Marie-France Langlois Chief of Military Personnel – Lieutenant-General Charles Lemarre Incoming Commander – Brigadier-General Shane Brennan Photo credit: Corporal Michael J. MacIsaac, Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) – Imaging Services ©2017 DND-MDN, Canada SU12-2017-0482-014

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Over the course of the past nine years, the Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU) has done a tremendous job in providing care to ill and injured members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). There’s no question that taking care of CAF members is top priority for staff at the unit, as it is for the CAF, Department of National Defence (DND), and the Government of Canada as a whole.

That priority means the CAF is always looking to evolve and ensure it is providing members with the best care available. That is why work will soon begin on restructuring the JPSU to provide transition services to all CAF members, including those who leave the military, while paying particular attention to the needs of the ill and injured.

“Each JPSU service location, be it here in Ottawa, Vancouver, or Gander, brings together the full range of services and support that DND and the CAF, as well as Veterans Affairs, have to offer in assisting our ill and injured members, their families, and the families of the deceased,” said Lieutenant-General Charles Lamarre, Commander of Military Personnel Command, at the JPSU change of command ceremony on April 20. “Due to the great work at the unit in assisting with the transition process, the JPSU’s mandate is set to grow again. Throughout this process, we will remain committed to providing the best care possible to each and every member and their family. They deserve no less.”

The new JPSU commanding officer, Brigadier-General Shane Brennan, and his team will oversee the restructuring of the current organization and better align it with the CAF’s goal of ensuring service members are provided with the best possible care at all times.

“The restructuring effort will be focused on improving the way transition support is provided to all service members and their families, whether it be within the military or as they move to civilian life,” said BGen Brennan. “Through experience, lessons learned, and a commitment to continuous improvement, we will look to further advance the ways in which we support the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of our personnel throughout their individual journeys.”

The vision behind all of these changes is more than just refining administrative processes and cutting back on red-tape. Rather, the changes ahead are about evolving the organization into one that will provide unparalleled expertise and support to members as they leave the military, while paying attention to the unique needs of the ill and injured.

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