National Nursing Week May 7 to 13

CAF nurses review a medical file.


National Nursing Week is celebrated annually by professional associations, health care facilities, governments, and communities during the second week in May. The week, which recognizes the full range of nurses’ contributions to communities and the people who live in them, encompasses the May 12th birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

Patients often recognize that a nurse is the health care professional with whom they and their families have the most direct contact. They might not realize that nurses also are leaders in improving the quality of care and in expanding access to care.

Military and civilian nurses working for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are leaders in diverse roles such as clinicians, administrators, researchers, educators, and policymakers. Nurses are leading initiatives to increase access to care and improve outcomes by focusing on primary care, prevention, wellness, chronic disease management, and the coordination of care among health care providers and in different settings.

Wherever health care is provided, a nurse is likely to be there—in hospitals, field ambulances, military clinics, and on deployment. The public holds nurses in high regard and trusts them to advocate for patients; we must both recognize and honour this trust.

So, let’s take a moment to thank a nurse during National Nursing Week.

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