60 Seconds with Commodore Mark Watson, Director General CAF Compensation and Benefits

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Commodore Mark Watson: Ha, ha, ok, smile, you’re on Candid Camera.

So I’m Commodore Mark Watson. I’m the Director General Compensation and Benefits. I’m here today to take the ’60 Seconds Challenge’.

1. Why is your role important?

Well, Director Compensation and Benefits controls roughly one quarter of the entire Defence budget, because that relates to pay, pensions, compensation, and benefits. If affects everyone in the military from the day they sign on the dotted line, and we make sure they’re properly taken care of until the day they release.

2. I get to choose Leafs, Senators, or Canadians?

Well I grew up in Barrie Ontario, so I have to go for the Leafs.

3. What’s your favourite benefit?

Short leave. Short leave is the ability of every commanding officer to allocate up to 48 hours per month to offset work that a service man has done.

4. What’s the number one complaint you receive?

It’s just correcting people’s pay, because we have one of the most complicated pay systems in Canada.

5. What is something you’ve never done, but want to do?

Just keep visiting various countries, and next on my ‘bucket list’ would probably be going to Israel.

6. What is the favourite part of your job?

Well that’s quite easy, it’s the people I work with. The amount of dedication they have to trying to create new benefits, negotiating with the treasury board, and try to run anything like that is unsurpassed.

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