PO2 Derrick Siska followed his father’s footsteps into the Navy


Petty Officer, 2nd Class Derrick Siska’s Navy career began 13 years ago when his father, who came from a military background, explained to him the benefits of joining the Navy. He became an electrical technician in order to gain experience in a trade that might teach him valuable skills to use in life after the military. As a member of HMCS Vancouver’s engineering department, he is responsible for the operation and distribution of electrical power throughout the ship.

Although initially nervous to leave behind his established routine in search of a new path in the Navy, PO2 Derrick’s career has been full of great memories and opportunities. “I have had 13 of the best years of my life. I’m very glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone.”

PO2 Derrick’s outgoing and positive attitude at work led him to be selected on two separate occasions for Operation DISTINCTION, a series of commemorative events designed to honour Canada’s proud military history. On one such occasion, he travelled to the Netherlands and carried the national flag during the Liberation March, honouring the 70th anniversary of Canada’s liberation of Holland at the end of the Second World War. As the only Navy representative selected from the west coast, this was an important achievement. “When I finally found out that I would be going, I was just extremely grateful, proud, and of course, honoured.”

Honour and pride in his work keep PO2 Derrick motivated when spending time away from his family. Although this can be difficult, the support from his family has been the encouragement he needs to continue. “Coming home and seeing how proud my wife and mother are is great, but being a hero to your daughter is priceless.”

PO2 Derrick continues to be excited by the unique opportunities presented to him as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). “I have played national level soccer within the CAF. I have sailed all over the world and worked with incredible people from all over Canada.”

PO2 Derrick was initially reluctant to listen to his father, who spoke of the benefits of a career in the CAF, but he now looks back and wishes he joined even sooner. “I spent years ignoring my dad while he encouraged me to join, only to see he was right all along.”

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