Invictus Profile: Krista Seguin

A female athlete holds her arms together and looks up as she waits for the incoming volleyball.
Invictus athlete Lieutenant(N) Krista Seguin


So determined to adapt and overcome is Lieutenant(N) Krista Seguin that she has a tattoo of the Latin phrase Luctor et Emergo.

“It means ‘I struggle and emerge.’ I find this phrase to be very fitting for me as it represents the struggles that I have faced in life, but also the resiliency that I have gained from it all,” explains Krista, a resident of Victoria, British Columbia.

A passionate athlete in high school, Krista had to give up sports after her first year at Royal Military College when she developed Compartment Syndrome during basic training. Years of playing basketball, volleyball, and track and field ended with the syndrome that causes pain by putting pressure on muscles and joints. Complications from corrective surgery further limited the native of Cornwall, Ontario.

The Invictus Games represents a return to sports for Krista. As an injured military member, she applied, through the Canadian Armed Forces program Soldier On, to be one of the 90 Team Canada athletes headed to the Invictus Games in Toronto September 23 to 30.

“The Invictus Games has given me a new lease on life and something to strive for when I have felt for so long that my life would never be the same as it was previously. Getting to meet other athletes from other nations and the opening ceremonies will be highlights,” Krista says.

Soldier On supports serving military members and veterans to overcome their physical or mental health illness or injury through physical activity and sport. To date, Soldier On has helped more than 3200 military members return to active lives.

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