Team Canada stats at the Invictus Games – Day Five

Two men in wheelchairs shaking hands over the top of a tennis net.
SOCOM veteran U.S. Army Sergeant Roosevelt Anderson shakes hands with his Canadian opponent, Pearce Bourassa after competing in wheelchair tennis. Canada defeated the US 6-5 in a close match. Photo: Sergeant Cedric R. Haller II


Day 5 – Wednesday, September 27


– Julie Marcotte, Women’s Recumbent Cycling IRECB1 Criterium
– Julie Nadeau, Women’s Road Cycling IRB1/IRB2 Criterium
– Mireille Poulin, Women’s Road Cycling IRB3 Criterium
– Lutz Stelzner and guide Dave Dallin, Men’s Cycling Tandem ITB1 Criterium

– Sitting Volleyball Finals
– Cycling Criterium
– Archery Qualifications
– Wheelchair Rugby Preliminary Matches

Note: Category numbers refer to the nature of the disability

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