Fire Prevention Week 2017

Black and White image of a firefighter walking in smoke filled room.
Fire Prevention Week - October 8-14


Fire Prevention Week is a nationally recognized annual event being held this year from October 8 to 14. This year’s theme “Every second counts, plan two ways out!” highlights the importance of working together with the people with whom you live, work, and play to be better prepared to prevent and survive a fire in your home or workplace.

Over the past year, fire losses in the military community have dropped significantly, mirroring a general trend within the larger Canadian population. The Canadian Forces Fire Marshal (CFFM) is also proud to announce that no fire-related death has been reported since 2004. Vigilance must be maintained, however, to continue to prevent fire losses, injuries, and deaths. It is important that Defence Team members regularly review fire safety practices.

In keeping with this year’s Fire Prevention Week theme, all members of the Defence Team are encouraged to join with family and co-workers to complete a fire safety inspection of their homes and workplaces, spotting potential dangers, and developing and practicing a fire escape plan in order to be prepared to react correctly if a fire strikes.

The heart of the Department of National Defence’s (DND’s) Fire Protection Program is delivered by the firefighters of the National Defence Fire Service, who work at bases across Canada. Fire Prevention Week is a key activity, which gives these local DND and Canadian Armed Forces fire departments the opportunity to raise awareness of fire safety and preparedness.

For further information on the DND Fire Protection Program and Fire Prevention Week 2017, contact the Canadian Forces Fire Marshal, Lieutenant-Colonel A.L. Goodman, at 613-995-2909.

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