Operation UNIFIER: next training phase at the Military Police 25 Training Centre

A soldier lies on the ground as another stands ready with a handgun.
Handcuffing procedures and appropriate application of force training of Military Law and Order Service (MLOS) Sergeants and Junior Officers during Op UNIFIER at the 25 Training Centre in Lviv, Ukraine, on October 9, 2017. Photo : Joint Task Force – Ukraine


By Captain Nicole McConnell, Joint Task Force-Ukraine (JTF-U)

Spirits are high at the Military Police 25 Training Centre as students move on to the next phase of training, having completed the first of nine modules of the new Transition course. This course was designed to provide Military Law and Order Service (MLOS) sergeants and junior officers with the tools and skills they need to succeed on the job. As such, it is a key part of multinational efforts to strengthen and rebuild the Ukrainian Armed Forces military police force.

From handcuffing procedures, patrolling and investigative skills to the appropriate application of force, candidates have been exposed to effective techniques applicable in various scenarios they are likely to encounter.

In the classroom and out, students are exposed to new learning techniques, and for many it is the first time. “Open, participative and transactional, this modern approach to professional development stands in stark contrast to past methods,” explained Captain Nicole McConnell, Standards and Development Officer deployed on Operation UNIFIER, Canada’s training mission in Ukraine.

Over the course of the next nine weeks, members will train in combat first aid, counter-improvised explosive device, escorting, custody and detention, and leadership and ethics. Truly a joint effort, the transition course was developed with the support of Canada, Lithuania, United Kingdom, the NATO Centre of Excellence in Poland, and Danish forces. It was designed to address the pressing need for trained MLOS personnel

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  • Two soldiers handcuff a soldier on a chair with a person standing behind them
  • A soldier lies on the ground and another in a chair near a tables with plates, water bottles, a marker and numbers. A group of men stand nearby taking notes.
  • A soldier lies on the ground as another stands ready with a handgun.
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