60 Seconds with LCdr Sheyla Dussault

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No I can’t say this, sorry.

Lieutenant-Commander Sheyla Dussault at HMCS Carleton and I’m also the national Search and Rescue Manager at the Coast Guard. So I’m here for the 60 Second Challenge.

First question: What advice would you give women considering a military or public service career today? Why not do both? I did.

What is your greatest fear? Greatest fear would be to have to stop running. I like my runs. My runs help me keep motivated, keep healthy, and keep me eating what I want.

Who helped you most along the way? That would be my parents. Thanks for encouraging me, and believing in me and making my career so wonderful.

How are you inspiring others to be bold for change? Be the change. You just have to be the change yourself. If you are, then you can… If you’re doing it yourself, you show the example and then people can just follow what you’re doing.

Of all the changes you’ve seen over the years, which has been the hardest to deal with? The hardest to deal with, becoming a mom was a hard change. But also recently changing departments. Making sure that I fit in with my new team was actually a big challenge. Just wanted to fit in.

Thank you.

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