David Timleck’s passion for Corvettes is matched by his support of the military

A male is bent down writing on the fender of the car as three children and a female look on.
A family signs David Timleck's red Corvette of support at the Kingston Garrison/RMC Family Funfest.


David Timleck has travelled all over the world, has seen how this nation stands above all others and knows how necessary it is to defend and protect it. So despite having never served himself, Mr. Timleck deeply respects the sacrifices, the duty and the hardships undergone by members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

“As a Canadian citizen, with no military experience, I have had the opportunity of travelling to a number of countries and experiencing their culture,” said Mr. Timleck. “Once you have been outside Canada you realize what a great country we have.”

So when he saw an opportunity to use his red Corvette to honour military members, he took it.

He decorated the car with hundreds of little hand-cut maple leaves and asked active and retired CAF members to sign them. As he travelled around Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ont., including stops at the Garrision Fire Department and 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, his collection grew. He and his Corvette even had a place of honour when the Invictus Games Flag Tour came to Petawawa.

“I went home, cut another 60 white maple leaves and early on Monday drove to the grounds in hopes of being able to display the Corvette and get some more signatures,” said Mr. Timleck.

He got his wish and found himself with about 215 signatures. The maple leaves he collected were then affixed to poster boards and donated to Garrison Petawawa.

“It is my way of showing appreciation,” said Mr. Timleck.

When he first bought this Corvette, he had no idea that he would use it in this way.

He had initially decorated the car for the 4th Annual Garrison Kingston Family Fun Fest. It was only at two other events that he had the idea of asking for military personnel signatures.

“Because those are our true heroes,” said Mr. Timleck. “It is them and their families who sacrifice for us.”

Reception was positive and many people appreciated his actions.

“I really enjoyed meeting the many soldiers, active and retired, that came forward to sign the maple leaves,” said Mr. Timleck.

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