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LifeSpeak is accessible confidentially, 24/7, from anywhere you are.

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The Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have always been committed to building and sustaining a healthy, respectful and safe workplace for all our members. More recently, this has been reinforced by Canada’s new Defence Policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, which outlines our Department’s objective to support our military members, their families as well as our civilian employees.

We believe there are times we could all use extra advice, support, information or inspiration. As a result of our partnership with Health Canada Employee Assistance Services (EAS), CAF members and their families, as well as National Defence Employees and their families have access to a new mental health and well-being resource. You and your family members can access this great resource right now by visiting the LifeSpeak website using the corporate ID: canada.

LifeSpeak is an online health and wellness platform that includes videos, podcasts, action plans and “Ask the experts” sessions on 22 various subjects that will provide you with insights to help you manage your mental health.

LifeSpeak is accessible confidentially, 24/7, from anywhere you are. Additional information on the EAP and LifeSpeak can be found on the Human Resources intranet site.

Take care of your mental health with LifeSpeak!

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