60 Seconds with…

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Brigadier-General D.A. Macaulay, Commander, 5th Canadian Division – Atlantic Canada

What three words best describe you?
Old, wrinkly… I don’t know, that last one, I’ll have to do that one again.

Hey, good afternoon. I’m Brigadier-General Derek Macaulay, I’m Commander 5th Canadian Division, Canada’s army in Atlantic Canada. And we’re here on the beautiful Citadel Hill, overlooking the beautiful Harbour of Halifax, to do the “60 Second Challenge”.

  1. Alright. What three words best describe you?
    Old, wrinkly, soldier.
  2. What has been the most rewarding and memorable experience of your career?
    Working with soldiers.
  3. What’s a favourite thing about Atlantic Canada?
  4. What’s the best thing about being the Commander of 5thCanadian Division?
    Being with soldiers.

I though you said these were hard.

  1. What’s the best advice you ever received?
    Be yourself.
  2. Tell us an interesting fun fact about you.
    I love to dance.
  3. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
  4. What’s something you’ve never done but wanted to do?
    Jump out of an airplane.
  5. As a Westerner, who do you cheer for: Flames, Oilers, or Canucks?
    “ABC”: Anybody but Calgary. Go Oilers go!
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