Canadian divers take part in South Korean exercise

A photo of a large group of mostly South Korean military personnel along with several Canadian Navy personnel sitting in front of a Korean monument.
South Korean Unit Diving Team and partner nations’ clearance diving teams muster for the closing of the exercise.

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A 12-member Royal Canadian Navy clearance diving team recently returned from the Multinational Mine Countermeasures Exercise, held in the Republic of Korea (South Korea). The exercise aimed to increase interoperability between South Korea, the United States, and core partner nations to counter the threat of North Korean mining capabilities. This is the second year Canadian clearance divers have been core participants in the exercise.

Canadian clearance divers conducted joint mine countermeasures operations during the intensive, two-week long exercise, focussing on acquiring and disposing the underwater threats.

Additionally, the team assisted the South Korean unit diving team in building their mine countermeasures capacity and competency, particularly their underwater search techniques, and streamlining their tactics and procedures.

The exercise represented an essential opportunity to work and exercise with partner nations. The ongoing challenges on the Korean peninsula reinforce the importance of conducting real and challenging training in a potential area of concern. Canadian clearance divers have built important contacts and gained a critical appreciation of the operating environment.  The team looks forward to next year’s exercise, and another opportunity to work with its Asia-Pacific partners.

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