New app gives CAF members easy access to mental health tools

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The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has developed a free mobile application that gives CAF personnel easy access its Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) mental health training program — anytime, anywhere, world-wide.

Recognizing that repeated application and practice of mental skills in the training environment improves retention and effectiveness, the R2MR program has expanded beyond the classroom environment with the development of the R2MR mobile app.

Although it is not a substitute for the in-class training, the R2MR app can be used for goal-setting, self-talk, mental rehearsal, tactical breathing, attention control and working memory, and allows users to build personalized scripts and scenarios to achieve personal objectives.

CAF members are encouraged to take the R2MR training, and download the app. To download the app to your iOS or Android device, search “R2MR” or “Road to Mental Readiness” from your app store and follow the instructions. Then simply open the application and personalize your account.

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